by Wendy
(St. Thomas, Canada)

cup & saucer Staney China England

cup & saucer Staney China England

STANLEY CHINA ENGLAND POTTERY MARK QUERY:- My maternal Aunt, a WW2 War Bride from England, is now 91 and living in Canada.

Recently she gave me what remains of china which her grandmother, who was from Liverpool, had given to her as a wedding gift.

I just wondered about the history of it. It has sentimental value to me as by coincidence my father's 1st name was Stanley!

The mark is a circular " STANLEY CHINA" on the top
"ENGLAND" on the bottom with a full crown in the center. The marking is green.

The cups have a number 4060 which appear to be handwritten in gold.

There are no numbers on the plates or saucers.

Thank you so much for any information that you might be able to pass on to me.


St.Thomas, Canada


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antique china values

Reply by Peter (admin)


Dear Wendy

Thanks for your delightful submission! I like to hear about sentimental attachments to china which is why published without photos.

I have uploaded my own images of the the various Stanley Amison marks to aid visitors.


Your mark is that of Charles Amison & Co Ltd - used specifically between 1930 to 1941 only. Other 'Stanley' marks differ before and after.

Here's the rundown:

Amison/Stanley were a quality maker of bone china wares based at 'The Stanley China Works'. Be aware there is NO
connection with H.J. Colclough (see the main Colclough Bone China section) who had an interest in an earthenware works based at the Stanley Pottery, Longton (see Royal Stanley China).

From 1887 to 1928 Colclough's firm was called “Stanley Pottery” - so much confusion can arise - and from 1928 Colclough & Co continued as the Stanley Pottery Ltd until c.1939. Again there is NO CONNECTION with your Amison/Stanley firm.

To add to the grey mist, I also found pottery marks saying - ‘The Stanley Pottery Co’. This maker was based at Newport Lane, Middleport, Burslem and operated from c.1909-1937. They were most likely a brand designed for export to America, not a domestic pottery mark.

Charles Amison (& Co Ltd) (ie your Stanley mark) produced bone china and porcelains from 1889 until they ceased trading in 1962.

Charles Amison pottery marks are distinct from Colclough’s “Royal” Stanley, not only in that they never, to my knowledge, carry the word “Royal”, but also in that, apart from their earlier pottery marks, they carry the words “bone china”. Colclough’s Royal Stanley was an earthenware maker, not a bone china plant like Amison, which needs specialist kilns.

The short answer is, you have some very nice bone china - and quite rare.

Hope this helps.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……


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stanley china
by: Sally

I have a huge teaset made by Stanley china, with a pattern number 3546 written in gold.
The strange thing is the large plates have a different stamp on the bottom - they say James Green & Nephew, and underneath a street scene the words Queen Victoria Street St Pauls.
I believe the set was a wedding present for my great aunt - sometime between 1910 and 1920?
If anyone knows some history of this royal blue, gold and orange flower pattern set I'd be really interested.

Stanley Pottery Co. Valuation Required
by: Darlene


I have a question about a 5 piece set of pottery that my mother has asked me to help get an estimation of value for.

The pottery is marked "Stanley Pottery Co"
Burslem, England. The pieces also have a gilded number: 624.

It is a bathroom set and consists of 5 pieces: A large bowl and pitcher, a smaller pitcher, a piece that appears to be a holder for utentils, and a cup. They are in perfect condition with the exception of the cup that has a small chip and appears to have glued where it was once broken. They are mainly blue with some other subtle colors inherent in the design pattern.

Any help you could send my way would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks Again,


To Darlene

Valuations are not dealt with in the forum - instead there are various other pages:-

For general advice on how to either price up your collection or find replacements for it, I wrote this page: The Searching Secrets To Finding Your China Replacement Online ?.more.

For specific advice on how to ?save a search? on eBay (for pricing or finding your desired item) go here: How to easily find replacements, prices and information on vintage and antique china online ..... more

Otherwise, for professional help, go to my vintage and antique china values page

Best regards

Peter (Admin)

Inherited set
by: RML

I recently inherited an entire set of "Alma" Stanley Pottery Co. It has the number 315 on it. It is a green china set with gold inlay. Is there anyway that I could find out more information about this set?

if you have any information please email me at

by: Mary


I have a 24 piece set of stanley china england with a gold mark of 4197. I was just wondering their history and if there rare?

Thanks Mary.

James Green & Nephew London
by: Anonymous

James Green and Nephew was situated in Leadenhall Market in the early 1900, they were ships chandlers and they also owned a china factory in stoke on trent where various pieces of crockery was made. They made various jugs etc for the whiskey distillers and also fine bone china for the retail market

Blue and white platter
by: Dean

I have a blue and white serving platter with stanley rh and a badge on it just wandering if anyone knows anything about it

who owened stanley china 1898 to 1948
by: Anonymous

My Grandfather john albert stevens owened Stanley china, took business over from his father Edward james stevens,
who married Emily amison...

Tell us more...
by: Peter (admin)

I would be interested to hear more. Do you have any family stories about the business.

Thanks for posting

Peter (admin)

Re Stanley china
by: Eric Elder

Hi my Great Granfather Edward Stevens married Louise Amison he was a widower and had 4 children he was an earthen wares salesman upon marrying Louise they got the china factory in Longton Louise was basically the only survivor of here family her sibilings all died her two brothers drowned falling through the ice on a pond.
Louise died young of Brights disease you can find her death certificate on the Amison family website which lists Edward Stevens as her husband
they had a store and whole saling business in Manchester I have pics.
the business went to his son Albert stevens and his brother the Manchester business was bombed out during WWII and the business was sold after the war as none of the childern wanted to carry on the business.They were also licensed Victuallers as well as resellers of waterfird and wedgewood

Re Stanley china
by: Anonymous

If you would like pictures of Edward Stevens and pictures of the Manchester store you can contact me at I will be happy to provide them as well as as much information as you're interested in

Re Stanley china
by: Eric Elder

Slight correction Edward J stevens was married to Emily Amison not louise..

C & Co jacobeam
by: Jean

I have a Royle Stanley,
Jacobean vase no"90 of 104 c&co on the Base.
With blue and purple grapes.
I have no clue of what year and also has the letter Y on the Base, any help would be greatfull thanks.

lnteresting only
by: Dennis Lloyd

I was passing a shop who was closing many years ago.l saw a jardonaire vase was the only thing left,so l bought it for 30 pounds,lt is beautifully painted with
roses.Underneath it seems to have had all glaze removed,it has in raised letters STANLEY,with the letter L underneath,and covered with a thick patch
of glaze.Unusual,don't you think.l would like to know when it was made.

Is my Stanley China Co mark pre 1899
by: Cheryl

Hello I have a collection similar to one of your queries, however my Stanley China Co Chinese backstamp is different than those that you are showing.

Service set
by: Sue D

I have a Swindon Stanley Pottery England numbered Rdno 534863 F. It hasw a sugar bowl, gravy boat & saucer, 11 salad plates, 12 dinner plates, 12 bread plates, demi tase dishes 12, 11 tea cups, 2 soup terrines, 1 covered dish with cover, 1 large and 1 small platter. I have not been able to find this design online anywhere. Can you help me with this.

China NEW
by: Evelyn

Hi Can you enlighten me with any information. Parents married 1951, said that tea set was slightly different sizes (tea cups) Stanley is the name of set , I assume the flowers are violets?
I I look forward to your response .

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