Seeking pattern name on RS Pottery Mark

by Lola
(New Orleans, La USA)

Seeking pattern name on RS Pottery Mark

Seeking pattern name on RS Pottery Mark

Seeking pattern name on RS Pottery Mark:- I have just a few pieces of china which I am seeking the pattern name so I can hopefully acquire more. I was told by one expert that it's Colclough & Co and the registration number (390220) was registered around 1903, but that is not proof that it was produced at that time. Colclough was purchased by Stanley and Co and it may have been produced by them. I have run into another dead end. I am attaching a pic of the mark and pattern.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Seeking pattern name on RS Pottery Mark

Hi Lola

Many thanks for submitting, and hope you are finding the site generally useful. Golly gee! Where do I start???

With experts like, that who needs amateurs like me who know nothing!

Helping visitors like you is what this site is all about, we share information to and fro, but let's get one thing straight, I try as far as possible to publish accurate, reliable information, and where we get it wrong I am quick to correct and update.

There is so much wrong with the information you submitted above - at least my usually reliable sources of information say it is wrong.

First and foremost, one of the things you are missing a trick on is the search facility I have for this website. There are at least two in-house search boxes on every page of this site and it will save you time and effort to get to know how they work.

For example, had you put the simply put search term

"R S mark"

into the search engine, you would have come up with this page first in the listings (just below the top couple of sponsored links)

Samuel Radford "Radfordian"

This page clearly identifies your mark and gives you more background. This mark has nothing to do with Colclough as far as my records show - but there is often confusion around Mr Colclough's various enterprises.

    You mention Stanley & Co. There is a very obscure pottery brand under that name, used as far as I can see only for export to the US which may or may not have anything to do with UK Colclough - I have found no evidence of such - based at Newport Lane, Middleport, Burslem from c.1909-1937.

    Mr Colclough himself, did have a pottery based at the Stanley works, Longton called Colclough and Co. from 1887 - 1928. This was not his main works and produced Moorcroft type art vases. This potbank was sold or changed hands in 1928, then ceased trading under that
    title in 1931. It used the Stanley Pottery Ltd name and also the Royal Stanley backstamp.

    This Royal Stanley brand reappeared under the Ridgways Conglomerate of the 1950's which also owned Colclough's main company by that time. I don't know what happened to the Royal Stanley brand in the intervening years.

    However, I do know that meantime Charles Amison (& Co Ltd) was producing porcelain bone china 1889 - 1962 under the "Stanley" pottery backstamp, but Amison's 'Stanley' has nothing to do with Colclough as far as my references show, or Samuel Radford (your mark).

    So to summarise, someone purporting to be an expert, has led you down the garden path somehow mistaking the Samuel Radford standard mark as something to do with Colclough, then somehow simplifying the very complex history of the Colclough firm into them being "purchased by Stanley and Co"????? Please supply evidence and background and I will puplish here for sure!! I suggest, again you use my in-house search engine to locate my page on the potted history of Colclough and sister brand Royal Vale.
    ======END SIDEBAR========

Secondly, had you put the search term


into the search engine, you would have seen this page second in the listings which explains the difference between all the 'Stanley' backstamps

Stanley Backstamps Explained

You would have known that the 'expert' advice you were given was not correct and that its best to start all research from this site, to begin with at least.

Using the search engine should also have lead you to a whole page of submissions about your actual pattern and others who own it. So there is a world of information waiting for you if you just get to know how to use the in house search box.

So, getting back to your main question - that of the pattern name, the type of pattern is called Imari, but the maker would have given it a specific name and reference.

Again had you used the in-house search box located on every page of this site and used the search term

"China Pattern Identification"

The first page on the listings would have come up as

China Pattern Identification Advice

Where I give detailed blow-by-blow instructions on how people searching for the name of their china pattern can find their goal.

SO what is the moral of all this?

Save yourself time and effort and get to know what is on this massive site by using the search boxes and then having a bit of a exploration around the place. You will be amongst friends, that's for sure.

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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Radfordian pattern
by: Miranda

Thank you for this very helpful advice which has helped me identify a plate as S Radford - Radfordian. It has a number handwritten on the base of the plate - 4144, with three dots beneath. I would like to know what the pattern name is, if possible - I am not sure how to post a photo. Can you advise?

Upload Pics
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Miranda

The easiest way is to send your photos to me and I will post them up for you.



complete tea set as described
by: Denis

We have 6 sets of the same pottery cups, saucers, plates, cream and sugar bowl. If you are interested. Belonged to my mother.

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