Imperial Crown China Germany - Pottery Mark Query

by Kate

Imperial Crown China - Pottery Mark Query

Imperial Crown China - Pottery Mark Query

Imperial Crown China Germany - Pottery Mark Query: My photo is of the porcelain mark of a piece that I've had for quite a while {edit:- the central photo of the green double P is the one Kate sent in, the other two either side have been added by Peter for comparison}.

I've done a lot of research and posted on forums, and have been unable to find any information about it, and was hoping you might have some insight into the Imperial Crown China Germany pottery mark.

Thank you for your consideration, and I hope you can help me.

Take care,



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Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- Imperial Crown China Germany - Pottery Mark Query:

Hi Kate

{Edit. Feb 2009:- Since writing my original reply a few years back we have had further information, we now know the answer to the 'double P' Bavaria mark, so please ignore my original remarks on this mark below. The other info I gave in my reply remains valid. See here for the reply about the green Imperial backstamp CLICK HERE FOR THE ANSWER TO WHOSE POTTERY MARK IS THE GREEN DOUBLE "P" IMPERIAL GERMANY POTTERY MARK}.

Hi Kate

Thanks for entrusting me with your tricky query. I always try to identify a pottery mark for visitors if I possibly can.

Your particular green ‘Imperial’ pottery mark is undocumented in any books that I have. Remember, I am not an expert appraiser. However, I can give you an opinion, and by looking at the evidence, make an educated guess by using the clues.

There were several Germanic porcelain makers who used the ‘Imperial’ trade mark or brand name. Most notable are ‘Imperial Crown China, Austria’ (see above photo) who used an entirely different mark to the one on your piece.

This ‘Imperial Crown China, Austria' backstamp was the pottery mark of a decorator and importer as distinct from a manufacturer. It was the mark of Bawo and Dotter who basically decorated blanks at their studio in Fischern which was then in a region known as Bohemia now called Rybáře, Carlsbad in the Czech Republic. However, their main office was in New York and they also had a decorating plant in Limoges. They were founded c.1883 and went on until c.1914. These Imperial Crown Austria porcelain wares are highly collectible and one plate can fetch on the region of $20 USD.

The other maker was ‘Imperial Wessel’ (Ludwig Wessel), Poppelsdorf, Bonn, 1755 - 1970. They made faience wares as well as luxury porcelain and also utility wares. Your green mark is unlike any of the porcelain marks of Imperial Wessel, and I have seen over 50 examples.

Another maker using the term "Imperial" with a crown was Haas & Czjzek of Horní Slavkov, Czech Republic, previously the town of Schlaggenwald, Bohemia, Austria.

Germanic makers using the name "Crown Imperial" or similar are actually paying homage to world renowned original Austrian maker Royal Vienna (the one true Imperial company of Europe), one of the original hard-paste European innovators back in the 18th Century. There is no association - just glory seeking by association, if you get my drift....

On ebay the various wares with your type of green double P pottery mark sell for very little money, I'm afraid. To see the wares I found go to my China Replacement page and follow the link to a specially coded page, following my instructions on how to search for your particular line.

Also there is something not quite right with several things with the green Imperial pottery mark wares. As I said, I found several items all by this maker - everything from cookie jars, to tea set trios etc - mostly with a signature saying “De Bec” and a stamp saying “hand decorated” all of which suggests to the casual observer the item is hand signed and hand painted porcelain ware – making it high value.

However, “hand decorated” does not mean “hand painted”. All china is hand decorated to some extent – litho prints are mostly put on by hand. As far as I know the “De Bec” signature may be a transfer print too. True "hand painting" is rare and can be genuinely valuable, depending upon whose work it is.

To me these items are likely relatively modern repros in the style of Prussian/Bohemian porcelain. They have chosen the name 'Imperial' because of its association with older, renowned and and now defunct and highly collectible makers, hoping to bask in their reflected glory, perhaps.

Those are my thoughts, but I may be totally wrong. To get them verified by an expert appraiser, feel free to click on the following link which takes you to a page I've written especially to help visitors to my site research their wares:

This unique identification & valuation resource allows you to see if the mark is identifiable by experts without you having to pay any money upfront. My service is unique online and is designed to protect my site visitors from wasting their time and money online.

Really hope all this helps.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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Imperial Crown China Germany - Pottery Mark Comment
by: Anonymous

Imperial Crown China Germany - Pottery Mark Comment:- hi its john. re: de bec wares. thanks for your insight just being looking at the same mark on ebay.

Imperial Bonn 1755
by: Anonymous


I have the same plate here. It's from Ludwig Wessel

and you can see the mark on that page.

imperial bonn
by: terry

can some one help i have a imperial bonn meat dish with lid,just would like to no if anybody knows the date wessel ,H, with gold painted ,17,thanks, email,

wessel H with gold painted 17
by: Peter (admin)


There are loads of Wessel marks shown here:-

Have a look and report back, please.

Peter (admin)

bonn wessel
by: terry

thank you very much for your help i found the mark
and its a rough date 1882 to 1910 the mark that they used for export thankyou again.

Green germany procelain mark
by: china curious

I also have some german porcelain that has a mark I cannot find anywhere. It is very delicate china, hand painted in the most beautiful colors I have ever seen on a large bowl and smaller bowls. The mark is also in Green, it has GERMANY in a rectangle on the top and a W or possible 2 v's under it. Do you have any idea what this is. I also have a tea pot, creamer and sugar holder that has 3080 and a p with something after the p all in gold hand painted on. Any idea about these?

Imperial-Bonn Germany
by: Anonymous


I have a plate marked with the Imperial-Bonn Germany stamp,dated 1766,, but not only those it have the looks like it was signed???

can you help me with this...I can send you a picture

Thank You

German mark
by: Steve

I have a porcelain figure with a mark that has a crown at the top, below that what appears to be two sickles pointing to the right and then another line pointing to the left with what may be a G or C on top of it. Any idea what the mark is? Thanks


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Questions about Astra pattern
by: Janet

I have a piece of Imperial Bonn - I believe it is the Astra pattern - the back of the plate has the number 1755 below the marking with the Imperial-Bonn below with Germany below that. I was wondering about this plate and the value and background of it. It was given to me by my mother and it was given to her by a friend 60 years ago. I could send a photo of the front and back.


As I mention this elsewhere on the site, I leave valuations to the experts.

For expert valuation advice go here My vintage and antique china values expert liaison page and be prepared to send a couple of dollars.

I am in touch with a team of experts who can value and appraise these items at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately, unlike me, a non-expert, they charge for dispensing their knowledge, which is fair enough I suppose. I'm sure those guys on the Antiques Roadshow on TV don't do it for free either!

If you are prepared to do your own research which I describe on this page, you can get an idea about valuations yourself:-

Peter (admin)

Green Imperial China Mark
by: B. J. from Ohio

I too, have a complete set of the beautiful hand-painted imperial china. You can feel the paint lines and each piece of mine is signed Robert. in cursive gold. I purchased my set about 35 years ago at an estate sale where the man found it each piece separately wrapped in saran wrap in his mother's cupboards after she passed away. I have been asking about this set and its value for many years now and would love to know something of its value if anyone knows. A collector once told me he thought it was authentic and very turn of the century.

have two marks on bottom of a candel holder?
by: Winnie

The candle holder has the one mark you show, on the left with "Imperal Crown China Austria" but to the left of it is a Crown with Vienna under it, two object under that which I cannot make out what they are, and at the bottom of this is Austria?? what do you think this about?? can you date it??

Dating the China
by: John

I think that these are from about 1927. My set, at least, was a wedding present to my great-grandmother that year. My set says Imperial China Austria on the back, and also "Cyrano". Any idea what that might refer to?


Imperial crown china austria
by: Troy

It is a mark of Bawo & Dotter.
1891 - 1913
On pieces made in Fischern

by: bibi

I have more then five single Bavarian and Germany sets of China given to me through grandmother single sets yet so intricate and beautiful! Obviously never been used in our family but collecting pieces! Gold to green, gorgeous to have at a tea table.

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